toilet paper roll ornament


1. collect an empty toilet paper roll
toilet paper roll

2. shred the roll into thin strips


3. soak the shredded roll in hot water

let the paper soak for about fifteen minutes, or until fully saturated.
then, blend the saturated strips into a pulp with a blender or hand held food processor.


4. drain the pulp

create a conical mesh “bowl” and place it on top of a jar to drain excess liquid.


5. mould the approximate desired shape of your ornament

remove the wet pulp from the conical drain and flatten it out onto a towel or other absorbent surface. do not worry about being meticulous in this step. pat excess water out of the moulded pulp with a towel and let stand until dry.


6. cut out desired shape

once dry, cut out the desired ornament shape more precisely.
i prefer the rustic look of the brown paper, but if you want a more vibrant look, feel free to paint your ornament as part of this step (i recommend acrylic paint).


7. finishing touches

using a needle and thread, string a loop through the centre of your ornament.





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