clementine ornament

1. collect an old/unwanted candle


2. collect a spherical object to use as a base for the ornament 

i made this ball out of recycled paper pulp and painted it white to ensure ultimate consistency in colour, but you can get creative with upcycling household objects as well.


3. tie twine around the sphere (like a present)

be sure to leave excess twine hanging to use as leverage for dipping and hanging the sphere in later steps.


4. dip sphere in melted wax

you can use a microwave or stove-top to melt wax. proceed to dip the sphere in several steps, as the wax hardens, until the desired coverage is reached. do not fret about coverage near the top knot; this area will be otherwise covered in a later step.


5. hang sphere to dry

this step is important. avoid the temptation of prodding at the bulb until it has dried thoroughly.


6. cut out fabric leaves 

i used upcycled fabric scraps for this part. feel free to be creative with colours and textures for this part. just be sure to cut a slit and small hole in the center of the brown fabric.


7. sew (or glue) fabric pieces onto the center knot, and tie off the twine at desired length